End of Year Report by Fr Christopher for AGM

22nd Apr 2018




Our Annual General Meeting always takes place within the season of Easter, and as we look back on the past year, we do so in the light of the Resurrection, which grants profound affirmation of our life in Christ, and of the promise of its continual refreshment and of the ‘green shoots’ of new life for the future. There is plenty of this at Holy Cross and we pray that God will bless our Mission.


REACHING OUT TO ARGYLE SCHOOL Fr Christopher regular visits the school and takes assemblies and is now increasingly involved working with individual classes. There are school visits to Holy cross Church at intervals during the year, with teaching on the Seasons of Advent, Christmas and Lent and Easter as well as classes on the symbolism of the Cross and the Holy Eucharist, as well as introductions to the church’s building and history. Each month, the school maintains discussion and class work around human values, and Fr Christopher is able to aid discussion and responses from the Christian point of view. Meditation classes take place for the final year six classes and there are informal sessions which prepare the final year children for moving on to ‘big’ school.


REACHING OUT TO THE HOMELESS We have once more sent groups of volunteers to support the Camden Cold Weather Night Shelter to cook breakfasts during the cold Winter months at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. This year we undertook a sponsored walk around the churches of the South Camden Deanery ad raise £775 for the Camden Night Shelter (C4WS).


REACHING OUT TO THE LOCAL COMMUNITY Fr Christopher is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the King’s Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCB). The group advises and supports the organisation in its vital and committed work among local children and young people and also alongside our elderly residents. There is a multiplicity of activities and the Church is being seen to be taking on an influential lead in these matters, especially as KCBNA takes a lead in tackling conflict issues and knife crime and drug issues among our challenged young people. At Holy Cross, we run our own lunch club on the first Saturday of each month, and this brings together both church and local community members around the one table.


ECUMENICAL INVOLVEMENT Holy Cross Church forms part of a network of Christian churches representing all the denominations, with each community offering a distinctive ministry to this part of King’s Cross. We come together for The Good Friday Walk of Witness. We have regular ecumenical minister’s meetings and share our good news and maintain close links and friendships. This April saw the


THE HOLY CROSS CENTRE TRUST This year is the final year of Holy Cross Centre Trust as we at Holy Cross market the crypt premises. Their drop in and other groups have all found new homes and this marks the end of a 35 year relationship. We are now marketing the crypt premises and hope to achieve a balance around the commercial and charitable use for its future use. HCCT had been given responsibility of management of the Peace Garden (owned by Camden Council) at the east end of the church and we have contacted Camden, and, through the service of Camden Green Gym and their team of local volunteers, have held two gardening days, the next of which takes place on Thursday 3rd May. It is already looking heaps better! 


INTERFAITH INVOLVEMENT  Fr Christopher attends the meetings of The Camden Interfaith Communities Partnership throughout the year. This provides an invaluable means of maintaining a strong solidarity among the religious groups and their leaders Camden-wide.  This year we were able to go to Sandfield Mosque in Cromer Street to join our Muslim friends for prayers.


ON THE HOME FRONT We celebrated the Confirmation of Richard Nicholl, Carl Wratten, Thomas Olowade and Jonathon Kitson on our Patronal Feast Day, Sunday 17th September, in the presence of the Bishop of Edmonton.  We continue to witness the often very significant number of visitors who come to Sunday Mass from their travels around the world. We rejoiced in the award to our own Margaret Holness of the Canterbury Cross for her services to the Church of England as ‘The Church Times’ education correspondent.


AND FOR FUTURE PLANS….The Louis Lewis Bequest has beern granted for the provision of Holy Cross. Our claim with Ecclesiastical Insurance is now in the hands of the Archdeacon of Hampstead, and, with our churchwardens, our structural surveyor, Ken Amblin, and our architect Jonathan Louth we are continuing to press on. We have carried out a ‘Spring Clean’ of old and worn items from the church and have put the gift of tables and chairs from the Royal Physiological Society to good use. We are currently marketing the crypt premises and have welcomed the Huaxia Chinese Church to use our church premises each Sunday afternoon. We hope now to find a new tenant for the crypt premises and to ‘take back’ roughly a third of the crypt – the current TV an Parish rooms for our own use and will in due course erect a stud wall and occupy this space for our own social and missional use. We are hoping for a church ’turned inside out’ and turned toward the community it is called to serve and begin to fulfil our Mission prmises which we have put together on our Mission and Vision Days.


The Resurrection is for the Christian community and for our world a sign of hope and of future glory and we at Holy Cross live and work for the promise it offers to us in our own amazing community here in King's Cross, London.